FDD Cofdm IP Radio
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  • SK-720 (53X120X15mm) FDD COFDM, using COFDM multi carrier modulation and demodulation technology supporting non sight distance (NLOS) transmission, supports narrow band (1MHz), low latency, high sensitivity long distance transmission applications, and uses transparent IP data interface to provide a balanced and stable high-speed data rate uplink ( 30 Mbit/s) and downlink( 30 Mbit/s), highly integrated embedded design,super linear digital predistortion (Digital Predistortion) RF design, setting network, modulation and demodulation, full frequency RF output in one. It can help you to complete the design of long distance wireless link more conveniently and quickly, and provide high definition digital broadcasting, security system, public security, armed police, fire-fighting and other fields.

    It is widely used in multi-channel video stream transmission, high standard unmanned control system and intelligent control equipment.

  • Using non-standard COFDM modulation and demodulation technology
    support non line of sight (NLOS) and high-speed mobile transmission.
    low latency /End to end transmission large data 
    Transparent network / serial data transmission
    Military level non-standard 128 bit dynamic AES encryption
    Support full band / ultra narrow band / multi bandwidth modulation (1M/2M/4M/8/).
    Integrated design, small volume, low power consumption
    Provide high definition LCD control panel, make the user interface simple and efficiently

  • Model


    Working voltage

    DC 6~17V

    Working current


    TX  output frequency

    300MHz~2700MHz,Stepping 1MHz

    RX  input frequency

    300MHz~860MHz,Stepping 1MHz

    Channel bandwidth


    Output Power

    -20~0dBm,Step 1 dBm

    Encryption and decryption

    128bit AES(Dynamic adjustable key)

    Modulation and demodulation 

    COFDM 2K

    Data Rate

    2x30Mbit/s_RJ45   115200bps_RS232

    RF interface


    Data port

    2xRJ45/1xRS232/LCD control pannel